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About Demigod
Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:45 pm by Nenadus
About Demigod
Demigod is a raiding/PvP guild that has been around since June 15, 2008. We have been around for a while in WoWLegion and are continuing to thrive as one of most notable guilds in WoWMagic. Demigod is a guild that has its foundations built upon guild events. Whether the event is a raid or a PvP event, we hold these events on a
daily basis. We are creating the opportunity to become a member of a guild that has over 450+ members and …

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Rules and regulations
Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:16 am by Nenadus
All read guild rules and guild ranks explanation!!!

Guild rules

Guild ranks

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Active Officers
Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:59 pm by Nenadus
Pallymixx (Guild Master)...
Knoox (Guild Master)...
Khalay (Guild Master)...

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Demigod is a home, a bond, a family that we all share with each other. Have fun and enjoy the guild and everything we have to offer! For the Demigod!!!
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PostSubject: ..:: DEMIGOD REINCARNATION ::..    Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:09 am

Many of you probably don't remember me ( XAOC ), i'm the administrator of old Demigod forum back in 2010 that i recently found and uploaded for nostalgic reasons !

Feel free to visit @

Ill' story:

I didn't play wow since TBC and to be honest i didn't want it because every expansion that came out after TBC is just a "downgrade" for my taste. So i started lurking the web in research for new TBC servers and it passed a fucking 6 years -.- ...... in a meanwhile i opened a businesses ( pc shop and repair services ) and everything is going good more or less, one of the "less" is that i realy wanted to play god damn tbc like i did in old times on scapegaming - wowlegion, yes there was bugs and other bad shit going on but i had a great time and, people i met in game and all fun and anger management we had..... i will never forget it !

I even tried the retail, it was "OK" experience while i was questing and such, nice to see everything is without bugs, i reached endgame did a arena with a friend and that was it !!!???. The retail is absolutely SOULLESS, the people barely interact with each other in guild chats, everything it feels empty and i didn't like cross-faction BG's because you always see other people, you will never had that feel to "release revenge" upon "Insert name" because you remember him form one of the previous BG's or to see familiar people that you met while questing, raiding, world pvp-ing. And for expansions i will say its no wonder why so much people left the game, it became to casual, simplistic...

So what to do ?

There is some time i spent in tracking some of the good TBC projects,

Corecraft, PlayTBC, and newly introduced Nostalrius TBC ( they already have server with 10k ppl online ! too bad its vanilla )

The most promising is CoreCraft but the developers are bit crazy, they want everything to be perfect when they release,development time took from them 5+ years ! and they are still working so only god knows when will they release, some of them saying this year maybe next month... if you want more info there are video presentation about this project on youtube.

Next one is Nostalrius TBC, this project is backed up with a huge development team i think 20 people only for vanilla servers and fresh formed team for TBC that will keep development status as opensource, that will mean everyone can participate/join the development... this is great move that will greatly decrease release time. But as they stated it will not be released until all vanilla content is cleared ( its progressive server like retail was ), so maybe release in 2017 ?

Last one PlayTBC. This one has release date on April 14 2016, team stated that they have about 2000+ registered for newsletter and about 600 registered on forums, estimated players on release time is 2000-4000, so the stats are telling good about this server, we will see how it will handle after release. Also they have one feature that i didn't quite like. You can choose to play from level 1 or to start strait from level 60 this they done because of boring leveling in vanilla that most people done hundreds of time and they want a TBC experience not a vanilla boring leveling, from my perspective it was damn satisfying doing PVP while leveling especially in STV, Tanaris...etc and that experience will never be relived because of instant lvl60 feature, it will be barely a fraction of players doing leveling in this areas.

Summary: I want to recreate DEMIGOD once again and to relive all the good times on PlayTBC or Corecraft or Nostalrius TBC. I'm still in contact with Nenadus and we will se what he think about this idea.



Thanks for reading and have a nice day !
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