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About Demigod
Baxuz's app I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 21, 2010 2:45 pm by Nenadus
About Demigod
Demigod is a raiding/PvP guild that has been around since June 15, 2008. We have been around for a while in WoWLegion and are continuing to thrive as one of most notable guilds in WoWMagic. Demigod is a guild that has its foundations built upon guild events. Whether the event is a raid or a PvP event, we hold these events on a
daily basis. We are creating the opportunity to become a member of a guild that has over 450+ members and …

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Rules and regulations
Baxuz's app I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 11:16 am by Nenadus
All read guild rules and guild ranks explanation!!!

Guild rules

Guild ranks

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Active Officers
Baxuz's app I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 05, 2010 11:59 pm by Nenadus
Pallymixx (Guild Master)...
Knoox (Guild Master)...
Khalay (Guild Master)...

Active Officers


Inactive Officers


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Demigod is a home, a bond, a family that we all share with each other. Have fun and enjoy the guild and everything we have to offer! For the Demigod!!!
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PostSubject: Baxuz's app   Baxuz's app I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 14, 2010 1:41 am

[I. Personal Information]

[What is your name?] Tijana
[How old are you?] I'm 16
[Where do you live (General area)?] Beograd,Srbija
[Do you speak fluent English?] Yes
[Total Played time:?] MagicWoW - 3months , generally - 3 years
[What time (Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)) do you generally play?] GMT +1
[Is there anyone that referred you to Demigod?] yes, my friend Megil
[How did you hear about us?] My friends told me about Demigod. I have like 5 friend in this guild.
[In what guilds you have been before and why you left them? And what was your status in them?]
I was in many guilds.
I left my last guild because there were the most 10 ppl online daily and there were not the chance to organize any graid or whatever ( EoC ). I was officer there like in most of guilds.


[II. In game Transcript]

[What is your character(s) name?] Baxuz
[Level(s)?] 80
[Profession(s)?] Alchemy/Herbalism/First Aid
[Classes?] warrior
[Specialization (Class Spec. Ex: Resto Sham, Fury War)?] fury/arms
[How long do you play per day?] 3-7h
[Are you generally a Player vs. Environment, Player vs. Player, or Battleground person?] PvE and PvP


[IV. Questions]

[1. Have you read guild rules and regulations? Do you understand them? Do you accept them ? Choose the rule you think is the most important and explain.(2 Part Question)]
Rule #3: We do not tolerate any sort of ninja-ing during guild raids. If you ninja an unneccary item, you will be kicked from the raid and possibility of being kicked from the guild because if you are noob enough to ninja something that is not specced for you, then we have no intentions of keeping you.

[2. What are positive aspects that you would consider to be a very positive perception about you? (In-Game)] I always want to help out if i am able to do so.

[3. What are negative aspects that you would consider to be a very negative perception about you? (In-Game)] I am always dps in raids because i'm to lazy for healing or tanking xD...

[4. Why are you choosing Demigod over any other guild in Magic WoW? What can you do to Demigod? Why you think you will be good asset to this guild?]
I heard about this guild from my friend Megil and how i see this is pure PvE guild what I like. I think I will be good for Demigod ( like for any other guild ) because I'm helpful person, I will always help If I'm available.

[5. Would you say that you are a good raider? If so, why? (2 Part Question)]
yes i think i'm good rainder because I know a lot of tactics and my raids are usually successful.

[6. Would you help a guild member in need of assistance? What sort of moral concept would drive you to do this? (2 Part Question)]
I would always help out since I know how hard it is when u got no1 to help u out at all.

[7. How would you treat other guild members if they are new?]
As newcomers. I would try to make them respect the guild by helping them out if they need and always follow rules and come on graids.

[8. What is your opinion about in-game bugs? (i.e. bugged bosses, bugged skills, etc,.)]
I don't like bug abusers so I'm not one of them :p .

[9. You're in a raid and you've wiped at the same boss for hours. What would you do if this was your situation?]
Depends on the situation. I will try another tactic or invite new ppl who can help out. NEVER LEAVE Razz

[10. Test of Knowledge: Do you know any officer in the guild? Do you know the Guild Master's name? If so, name the Guild Master or any officer's name. (Just a test of knowledge, don't be discouraged if you don't know any) (2 Part Question if Yes)]
Ceronnis GM
Nenthelight officer

[11. Do you chat in the guild chat consistently or are you a person who doesn't talk regularly? If either or, why do you chat or do not chat? (2 Part Question)]
Depends of situation. Sometimes I chat and sometimes I don't if I'm busy or something else.


[V. Mini-Biography]
Hi... My name is Tijana (nickname-Tica). I'm a girl Smile ...
I live in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia <3 .
I am 16 years old and i study medical highschool.
I'm professional handball player.
hmm...I thing this is enought Razz If u want to know something more about me just ask me in-game, I will be able to answer you Smile

Best regards!! Wink ...
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PostSubject: Re: Baxuz's app   Baxuz's app I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 15, 2010 12:29 pm

Plz Apply on

Baxuz's app Deth10
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